Brainiak, the Brainwave Adaptive Learning™ Solution


The only adaptive learning system that uses Brain-Computer-Interface.

Neuro Feedback

Provides real time brainwave and neuro feedback for identification of each student’s optimum learning strategy.

Rapid Results

Accelerate the learning process, significantly improving student performance and mastery of the subject.

Directed Learning

Teachers gain vital information about students learning preferences which will then provide tailored instructions.


Real time detection of whether a student is seeing content that is frustrating or not helpful.

How it works

Brain-Computer Interface allows identification of the best learning strategy of the learner in less than one hour.



Sync EEG Headband with Our Brainiak App

The Brainiak™ App records the brainwave data in real time.



View Course

The Brainiak App observes and analyzes alpha, beta and gamma waves while the learner is rotated through content in five different learning strategies.



Optimal Strategy

Big Data AI software finds the learner’s best learning strategy. The brainwave report is generated, and the content is presented in the best learning strategy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Adaptive learning software organizes and presents content based on individual student preferences and maximizes learning performance through continuous intelligent feedback.

IntellADAPT recognizes that there are five different ways through which people tend to learn: apprentice (mentor-student interaction), incidental (case studies), inductive (examples), deductive (application), and discovery (experimentation).

You will need a Bluetooth enabled iOs or Android device with the Brainiak App installed, a Neurosky headband, and an active subscription to one of our Adaptive courses.

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